Seedsigner DIY Hardware Wallet

Make your own hardware wallet for $50 using off the shelf components!

This is a fully functional, airgapped hardware wallet that one can use to make bitcoin transactions, both single sig and multi-sig.

Part 1: Parts and Cost

You will need:

  1. Raspberry Pi Zero (version 1.3)

  2. WaveShare 1.3 inch LCD hat with 240×240 pixel display

  3. Pi Zero compatible camera module

  4. MicroSD Card with at least 4GB capacity

My parts and cost:

Total, with case: $80 Total, no case: $45

If you can solder, it’s under $40.

Part 2: Assembly

2a: Adding GPIO Pins (Solderless Option)

The Hammer Kit

Kit Assembled

Clamping it Down

Assembly Continued

Raspi, Camera, Screen

Attach Camera

Set into Case

Add Screen

Build Complete

Part 3: Basic Use

Part 4: Pros/Cons



Seedsigner Site

Seedsigner Telegram

PDF Tutorial of Assembly

Seedsigner Youtube Channel

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