Part 1


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin begain in 2009 as an open source project that is, at least to some, trying to become the internet of money. There are many reasons why this would be a good thing.

One interesting part of bitcoin is its distributed ledger. This means that anyone that wants to, can download and keep a copy of all bitcoin transactions that have ever existed.

When people say the word “blockchain”, this one definition of what they might mean: a chain of transactions going from day 1 of Bitcoin all the way to present day.

At the time of this writing (Mid 2021), there have been over 640,000,000 bitcoin transactions. Thats a lot of data!

This site is dedicated to the different ways to show bitcoin through the lens of data.

Bitcoin Basics

Here you’ll find some info that’s useful if you are relatively new to Bitcoin, or are curious how it works on a very basic level.

Bitcoin Projects

Already know the basics? Here you will find hands-on projects to build and sharpen your knowledge!

Additional Bitcoin Resources

Check out this page for additional Bitcoin articles, podcasts, and much more.