Jupyter Notebook


  • REPL stands for Read, Evaluate, Print, Loop. It is a way to express the 4 basic things a computer does when interacting with a program language (in our case, Python).

Installing Jupyter

  • If you are going to be doing any serious bitcoin data analysis, you’ll want to have your own version of Jupyter on your computer.

  • Click here for a page dedicated to that.

  • If you are just starting out, there are ways to use Notebooks hosted by others, such as Google Colab below:

Google Colab

  • Google has software called Colab, which can be thought of as their version of a Jupyter Notebook.

  • It doesn’t have exactly all the same features, but it’s pretty close.

  • If you prefer to use this, that’s fine. It certainly makes it very quick to just jump in and get started

Getting Started

  • If you are completely new to using Jupyter Notebook, I would recommend starting here.