Bitcoin Courses

Structured Courses on Bitcoin


  • Saylor Academy

    • Free 12 hour course hosted by the one and only Stephan Livera.

    • It is divided into 5 units and will give you a very comprehensive foundation for what bitcoin is and why it’s important.


  • Mooniversity

    • Learn how bitcoin works by building your skills up bit by bit, assuming no prior programming knowledge.

    • Will teach you the basics of how Bitcoin works under the hood, and by the end of it you will have a working blockchain that does all the things bitcoin does running on your computer.


  • Programming Bitcoin

    • An in depth look at bitcoin under the hood, with live, in-person classes by core developer Jimmy Song.

    • Jimmy travels around the world and does several of them a year. Check the upcoming schedule to see if one is coming near you!

  • MIT Course

    • Free MIT Graduate Level Course taught by Bitcoin Developers Neha Narula and Tadje Dryja (co-creator of the Lightning Network).

    • Contains video lectures, notes, and Assignment problems.